At Miller Restoration we take great pride in our motto “True Service”.  Whether your water damage is big or small, we are confident that when our job is done, your house will be back to the way it was before the damage. The following three testimonials are from another group of satisfied customers.

Sink Overflow

When the power goes out, you never know what damage it can cause even, surprisingly enough, water damage. After a recent power outage, Jamie and her family came to the realization that the tap in the bathroom sink had inadvertently been left on during the outage. This left water damage to the bathroom as well as three other rooms close by. Jamie was referred to us by her insurance company AllState and was very pleased with the work done at her home.  She said

“The technician that came to my house was very nice and good at his job.  He kept me informed on the process and what was happening.”

Leaking Roof

Another customer, Daniel, had water damage to his home caused by the leaking roof. He was referred to us by his insurance company USAA. Leaking water caused damage to three rooms in Daniel’s home and when asked about the service Miller Restoration provided Daniel stated:

“Excellent service, very efficient, professional, and compassionate.”Daniel went on to say that “he would recommend his family and friends to Miller Restoration”.

Water Heater Leak

Marjorie was referred to us by her insurance company USAA and became another satisfied customer. Her home recently suffered water damage due to a leak in her water heater. When asked to score Miller Restoration on a scale of 1-10 she said

“Miller Restoration’s services were a 10”! Marjorie went on to say, “They were quick and professional. They responded promptly to my emergency and I would recommend them to my friends and family”!