With years of water damage restoration experience, Miller Restoration knows that quick action is one of the things that our customers appreciate the most.  Water damage is extremely stressful and we help to keep your stress to a minimum by assessing the damage and working with your insurance company to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible.  A few testimonials from our customers below confirm that we are ‘making things right’!

Cracked Pipe

A leaking pipe can cause lots of damage, especially the leak is in a carpeted room, which what happened to a customer, Leila.  She was referred to us by her local insurance agent Chubb, to fix a cracked pipe which caused damage to her basement and wine cellar.  Lelia stated that

“the technician, William, was great! He addressed all issues and I was pleased with the outcome of the job.”

Central Air Leak

Christine was referred to Miller Restoration by her insurance agency Nationwide, to fix her central air.  The unit leaked, causing damage to the ceiling, walls, and carpet in her home.  Christine said:

“William addressed all my questions and concerns prior to starting the work at my home.”

Christine further mentioned that

“in the future, if something similar happens in the home, I will definitely give Miller Restoration a call.”

Leaking Dishwasher

When your dishwasher leaks it can cause a lot of damage, which what happened to Donald’s kitchen floor. He was referred to us by his insurance carrier Allstate.  Donald said that

“the technician, Chad, arrived promptly to my home and he explained the process thoroughly.  I  was impressed with how knowledgeable Chad was at his job as he really knew what he was doing.”

Leaking Pipe

Leaking pipes happen more than you think.  A customer, Linda, had a pipe leak in her master bedroom due to a corroded baseboard heater pipe. She was referred to us by her insurance carrier, Self-Pay.  Linda said she was

“very pleased with the work done at her home by Miller Restoration. The technician was very thorough in explaining what he was doing in my home. He also answered any questions that I had.”

She went on to say, that

“the technician, Andrew, was very compassionate and understanding and I was very impressed by the fact that the he did such a good job on cleaning up after he was finished.”