Time and time again, Miller Restorations slogan of “make things good again” is brought to light with the satisfaction of our customers.  Water leaks and subsequent damage can happen at any time and having us available day, night and even holidays helps our customers get back to normal very quickly.  Our careful hiring practices help to ensure that all of our staff truly cares about helping you – it’s not just a job!

Leaking Water Heater

When the weather drops and your heater is leaking you want a fast reliable company to fix your problem. Lisa was referred by her local State Farm agent because her water heater leaked causing damage to her home. Lisa stated,

“the technician, Chad, arrived at the residence and assessed the situation in a very knowledgeable way.”

Lisa went on to say that

“Chad was very personable and friendly, which made the experience with Miller Restoration a very positive one.”

Bursting Pipe

Joe was referred to Miller Restoration by his insurance company, Travelers for a burst pipe at his home. The pipe burst above the water heater in the utility room. Chad was the technician that arrived at the residence. Joe said that,

“everything was done very well and Chad was very professional.”

Joe stated, he would

“continue to recommend Miller Restoration to his friends and family.”

Cracked Toilet Tank

Another customer, Natalie, had a crack in her toilet tank which affected the second floor, first floor, and her unfinished basement. She was referred to us by her insurance company Selective. The technicians that arrived at the home were Andrew and Tim, and according to Natalie,

“they were prompt in responding and to the follow-up appointments as well.”

Natalie went on to say,

“the technicians were professional and communicated effectively as the job moved forward.”  Overall, I was “very pleased with the outcome of the job and in the service of the company.”

Leaking Pipe

Sonya was referred by her insurance company USAA for a leaking pipe at her home. The pipe caused parts of the ceiling to fall down her in her living room.  Sonya stated that

“Brian, the technician who assisted her, provided excellent service.  I was pleased with the company and the prompt manner in which service was provided.”