On this beautiful day of July 2015, we are proudly receiving more customer satisfaction stories. At Miller Restoration, we’re happy “making it good again”, it’s our motto. And we’re even happier when customers are so pleased that they’re inclined to leave us a little note telling us how well we’ve done. Amazing work and careful attention to details is always what we strive for.

The Ice Maker Nightmare

Recently, Diane was referred by her insurance carrier USAA for a leak in her kitchen. Her ice maker supply line was leaking and caused water damage to multiple rooms in her home. Leaks and having trickling water damaging an entire home is never fun to deal with. But we were able to restore everything in Diane’s house in a timely fashion. That’s what the friendly staff at Miller Restoration is there for!

Diane stated:

“I am very happy with the service your company and Sam provided. Sam was thorough, professional, answered all of my questions, and he worked well with our schedule”

Diane also informed us that she would recommend our company to her family and friends. 

Fire Damage: Restored

Also this week, another satisfied customer desired to leave a note after an excellent fire damage restoration. Miller Restoration worked in Shelia’s home after getting referred by State Farm. When asked about the service provided Shelia said, on a scale of 1-10

“The service was an 11.”

She went on to say

“The techs were absolutely marvelous and the service could not be better.”

This goes to show that a job well done goes a long way. Especially when it comes to the home you’re living in. So in the case of an emergency, whether it’d be water damage, sewage spill, fire damage or other, simply call Miller Restoration’s 24/7/265 emergency service, and we’ll make it good again for you. That’s what we’ve been systematically doing for thousands of customers.

Stay tuned for more customer stories in the next few weeks.